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Half & Half


Bus drawing

A couple on the bus yesterday. I have been trying to perfect my stealth drawing.
However I forgot that on the bus people also sit behind you...

Food moley

Food moley again. From Liverpool and more local as well.

Various sketches

... from around college and my house


Marrakech inspired perspex etched plate based around the fishermen at Essouira.


My first experiments in proper old fashioned acid-etching. Left panel = sugar lift Middle panel = aquatinting Right panel = line etching


Sorry for neglecting you Mr Blog. My FMPs are coming up and I would like you to know I am sorry for not updating you.Soon you will be overloaded. Sincerely Me

Theatre of a city

A 3D interpretation of my experience in the Souks of Marrakech. I would very much like to continue this to make it more busy and hectic and crowded like I felt when I was there, but I am still pleased! photos by the great Harriet Barrett
The start of a Marrakech project on the souks.
More to come!
Also Marrakech exhibition for anyone reading this: 5:30-8 Abingdon & Witney College Thursday 18th March

Another double page

A double page spread, without text as of yet.
"I have many voices"

Finally a finished page.


Me + Scissors =

Today I decided to make my own font to give something extra to my book project. I based it around the font Georgia, but to make sure I added a natural hand-made feel to it I only allowed myself one attempt at each letter. Once I had started I had to get it right, and I feel this helped it become its own style.

Very interesting article. Via Drawn! on Twitter.


From a month or two ago.

Brilliant video, good tune too.


This is really clever. Although I think the final outcome could be more interesting I think the idea is brilliant.

Collograph prints.

Collograph prints inspired by the souks and streets of Marrakech.

My First Screenprint.

Final screen print based around the old public information style ads "Keep Calm and Carry on" 5 prints of these exist.

I saw the cresent...

Image saw the whole of the moon.
Beginning to develop a brand identity for "The Whole of the Moon" fictional chain of stores. Starting with a brainstorm around the song, and its meaning and lyrics.

Collograph plates

Collograph plates finally printed on Wednesday after being varnished and dried. Actual prints to come shortly.
Also started work on a final 4 set after taking inspiration and ideas from these tester plates.

I am.

Beginning to design the layout of the final book to be sent off for publishing on Finding this process to be very useful and I have already changed a lot of my ideas. The black, red and brown colour scheme is definitely one I will be keeping.

I have a jack...

Next page of the illustration book. Part of a double page spread.
I have a jack...