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...but not forgotten

Been a busy week or two in terms of actual illustration seeing as its the holidays and all! Just finished two maps for two different county magazines which will hopefully be seen in print soon, and straight on to a new project regarding an unfinished murder mystery! oooooh. Here's a little peek of the maps, and the rest will be up in a few weeks! Tally-ho.

Down, down, down, down....

...and a finished painting! The diving was so good that I had to do something. I know we didn't get a medal, but surely this is what super duper slow motion was made for! Cracking.

Catch Up

A selection of drawings, sketches and general doodlings from the last few weeks. Been very little going up for a while, I apologize and reassure you (if anyone is reading) that there is some genuine exciting projects going on in my world right now. Watch this space! (for a long amount of time...)