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The Butler

Illustrations for a Roald Dahl short story called The Butler.

Kid A

I often forget how much I love this album. It's so incredibly creepy, beautiful stuff. 


Just watched this documentary again for my dissertation research, and it's well worth a watch. Very inspiring discussion on the effect of digital technology and production of art (mainly music and film), exploring the positives and negatives of anyone being able to produce their own work. The fact that it's so open-ended is a real kick up the arse to creatives to produce work of high creative quality rather than just bashing out reems and reems of average digital work. And I mean that as a positive...


This first image is from an editorial about the evolutionary benefits of being kind and working together. A very interesting article in New Scientist actually which examines the idea that kindness and generosity - as well as extreme evil - are seen very rarely in other animals, only human. 

This one is the basis of a small test animation I will be doing based loosely around an educational e-book about Space. 

Editorials again!

This time, an article about the 'illnesses' that are outrageously blamed on wind turbines. What a load of twaddle. Dead sheep though, funny eh!
Original link to the New Scientist article HERE
First idea shows the reality and perception, and the second is a rougher idea trying to make the turbine seem to be accused. A suspect in a police line up. A bit more outrageous that one, so it's only little.