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Sciencey news...

Storing data in DNA is a possibility for large amounts of files and documents on a small physical object. 

Scientists have managed to keep a liver 'alive' without a human host for 24 hours, meaning that transplants can now be more successful. 

And the global gene pool of the giant squid has been found to smaller than initially assumed. 

That's the power of....

Little editorial narrative thingy. First attempt at a very limited colour palette which has turned out pretty well, makes it much easier to read at a smaller scale.

It's part of my process...



"It would be spiteful To put a jellyfish In a trifle"
Karl Pilkington

This image will be appearing in Falmouth Illustration BA's 8th edition of the Quotes and Sayings book, which they publish annually alongside the degree show.

2 panels...