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Player of the year

Todays little line drawing colouring in practise thing. Really enjoying getting to grips with my work on screen. Finally happy with it after scanning and colouring! 
(Super inspired by WJC and his fucking gorgeous line-art. Phwoar)

World Cup Wall Chart!

A more recent project now, getting geared up for the Brazil World Cup. This A3 print, produced for The Illustrated Game at Pick Me Up this year, is for sale for a mere £5 (+p&p)
Keep up to date with all the games, goals and fixtures, and look at some pretty pictures while you do it!
Contact me for more deets.

UPDATE: I've decided to put some desktop wallpaper size images up here for free download! Click on the one you want and save as...

1024 x 768

1920 x 1080

1280 x 1024