Cities & The Sky


  1. James Canty:

    This is fucking great mate, if i'm correct in my judgement and you're interested in this sort of thing then you should look at Urban Sociology it's all about identity and anonymity within cities, but more interestingly focuses on the social alienation that results from those discourses.

    Also... it kinda reminds me of the modernist's sentiments of the City as a hub for progression but also responsible for the desecration of the past and of traditional values. Check out E.M. Forster's 'Howard End', or indeed Orwell's 'Coming Up For Air' to see how the emergence of cities malforms an individual, moreover how we must ultimately accept this modernity.

    ...Of course it's equally likely that I've missed the point entirely.

    Fantastic work though mate, any chance of a blow up of pic 12?


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