Radiolab presents: Placebo

Here is my most recent finished image - a self-initiated promotional poster for Radiolab, which I have been absolutely loving recently. It's so interesting! I feel a bit geeky, and sometimes I don't know what they're talking about, but the stories are great. If you haven't listened to it you're genuinely missing out. Get onto your iTunes now, and search for it or whatever, it's free goddamit! Make your brain full of strange and interesting facts like I have recently.

Anyway, the work was inspired by the supposed importance of the white coat, which reassures patients, and I have used a neutral substance (water) and the doctors distance from the patient to show there is no physical treatment.

The metaphor of the plant with little drug flowers is my favourite little nugget of knowledge from this episode - that medicine just prompts your body into making the cure. It's all in us already! Crazy. Makes me think I can just think really hard and heal myself. Like that hottie from Heroes I suppose.



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